Hair Extension Upkeep: 3 Tips

28 December 2019
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If you are looking for a way to switch your appearance up with very little commitment, you may want to consider hair extensions. Hair extensions allow you to go from short hair to long hair, curly hair to straight hair, and back again. However, if you decide to move forward with hair extensions, there are a few things that you must know to ensure that you keep the hair extensions in good shape. Keep reading to learn a few tips about maintaining your hair extensions should you decide to get them.

Treat the Extensions Well

While it is true that the hair extensions do not grow directly from your scalp, it does not mean that they should not be treated in the same manner as your regular hair. Therefore, with it comes to your hair extensions, it is important that you perform regular upkeep on them, such as routine shampooing and conditioning, nourishing treatments, and detangling. When you do so, the hair extensions will last longer and look more natural, ensuring that your style is maintained, which will help save you money between your extensions.

Pay Attention to Time

Hair extensions cannot stay in your hair forever. They must be removed after a while to ensure that they do not cause damage to your natural hair. Ideally, the extensions should be removed every six to eight weeks or so, depending on the type of hair extensions that you have. A salon will be able to offer specific advice on the exact timeframe based on the type of extension and your natural hair.

Take a Short Break

While you may truly love the way that you look with the hair extensions, it is important that they are taken out completely for a short period of time to improve the quality of your regular hair and give your scalp a bit of time to breathe. Generally, taking the extensions out for about a week is plenty long to wait before having the extensions replaced. During this period of time, take care of your natural hair. If you fail to do so, it may suffer damage and not take to the extensions when they are put back in.

If you would like to learn more about hair extensions, how they can change your appearance, and how you can maintain them while they are in and in between placements, get in touch with a salon in your area. To learn more, visit websites like