How To Create The Ultimate At-Home Spa Experience

23 March 2020
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Giving yourself a little TLC every now in then is something that's much needed. While going to a professional spa may sound like your fantasy, it might not agree with your wallet. What if you could take an afternoon or night off, and create your own at-home spa experience? From taking a hot bath with the right products to doing a mask, here are a few tips for you to consider. Read More 

3 Factors That Impact The Hair Extensions Your Purchase

25 February 2020
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Hair extensions are a great, not just to add extra length to your air but to add extra volume to your hair. They are also a great way to just change the overall style and appearance of your hair. When you purchase hair extensions, it is important to know what length you want, the type of volume you want to achieve, and the time you have to style your hair each day. Read More 

Things You Should Know About Green CBD Face Oil

14 January 2020
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One of the main things you must do when you begin regular facial skin care is to make sure you are effectively washing your face until it is clean before you start using your new green CBD face oil. That means if you do have very oily skin, you should wash your face twice daily. You do that once in the morning and again before you retire for the night. Once you have cleansed your skin thoroughly, you can then look forward to using green CBD face oil serum. Read More 

Be A Beautiful Bride

27 December 2019
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Will you be getting married in the near future? If so, maybe you have already selected your wedding dress and the clothes you'll take on your honeymoon. The next thing on your list might be arranging for bridal makeup services. Do you already know the exact look you want for your wedding? Maybe you are still looking for ideas. If that's the case, keep reading for some ideas that will help you to look like a model in a bride's magazine. Read More 

Did You Achieve Your Dream Of Owning A Salon? 3 Tips To Help Select The Furniture

26 December 2019
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Owning a salon represents a big achievement on your career path. Over the years, you might have worked in other people's salons as a stylist, or you might have managed to open yours after finishing your education and training. Either way, you now have an exciting opportunity to serve people in your community. While you might be eager to cut the red ribbon on the grand opening day, you do still have some work ahead of you. Read More