Be A Beautiful Bride

27 December 2019
 Categories: Beauty & Fashion, Blog


Will you be getting married in the near future? If so, maybe you have already selected your wedding dress and the clothes you'll take on your honeymoon. The next thing on your list might be arranging for bridal makeup services. Do you already know the exact look you want for your wedding? Maybe you are still looking for ideas. If that's the case, keep reading for some ideas that will help you to look like a model in a bride's magazine. 

Identify Makeup Colors - Before you meet with the professional aesthetician who will do your makeup, think of looking through bride's magazines with something specific in mind. Look for models that have about your same looks. For instance, maybe you'll find a model that has olive skin and green eyes, just like you do. Or, maybe it will be a blue-eyed model. Either way, check out the colors of makeup the bride is wearing. Do those colors appeal to you?

Identify Hair Dos - Do almost the same thing with hairdos you might want for your own wedding look. Except, this time look at magazines that feature photographs of celebrities. Have people told you that you look like Anne Hathaway? Check out the hairdo that she wore to a recent formal event to see if you'd like it for yourself. Or, maybe you already relate to the Audrey Hepburn gamin look and you want that for your wedding. Princess Grace's, aka Grace Kelly's, regal look might be more your style.  

When you meet with the artists that will be doing your hair and makeup, remember that they have the training and the experience to give you the look you want for your wedding portrait and for the day of your wedding. Show the artists the pictures you liked in the bridal magazines and in the magazines that feature celebrities to see if they think the styles you have chosen would be a good look for you. 

Will you be wearing a veil as part of your bridal ensemble? If so, be sure to take it with you so that the hair stylist can incorporate the veil into your hair do. Maybe you'll be wearing something like a crown of faux flowers to go with your wedding bouquet. If so, the makeup artist will more than likely select cosmetics that will complement the flowers in your crown.

While having professional makeup services might not be inexpensive, that expense might be some of the best money you'll spend for your wedding.