Did You Achieve Your Dream Of Owning A Salon? 3 Tips To Help Select The Furniture

26 December 2019
 Categories: Beauty & Fashion, Blog


Owning a salon represents a big achievement on your career path. Over the years, you might have worked in other people's salons as a stylist, or you might have managed to open yours after finishing your education and training. Either way, you now have an exciting opportunity to serve people in your community. While you might be eager to cut the red ribbon on the grand opening day, you do still have some work ahead of you. The furniture and overall layout of your salon make a huge difference in how well the staff is able to serve the customers, and you can use these three tips to select functional chairs and stations that enhance the experience that everyone enjoys at your salon.

Consider the Overall Ambiance

Your first step is to think about the general impression that you want to generate when someone walks through the doors. Are you looking to create a cozy salon with a comfortable hometown feel? Then, look for smaller mirrors with salon chairs in colors such as vintage brown or white. Alternatively, you can go with a modern and sleek design that lets your clients know that your stylists are all on the cutting edge of the latest hairstyles and beauty techniques. 

Think About the Available Space

You will also want to know how many stations you can effectively set up. While the more stations you can have in your salon helps to increase revenue, you also want to avoid crowded situations that ruin the customer experience or create an unsafe environment. As a general rule, you should have a few inches over three feet of space between the styling stations and chairs. This gives the stylists room to walk around the clients without getting in the way of the other staff members. You will also want to keep the same ideas in mind when you are setting up the wash and dry stations. 

Remember the Reception Area

When you are focused on choosing high-quality salon furniture for your clients to enjoy, it is easy to forget about the reception area. However, this is where your clients will first develop their impression of your salon, and it is usually the last chance to make a sale before they leave. Start by selecting an eye-catching reception desk along with a comfortable couch and other seating to fit the needs of how many people you expect to be waiting at any given time. Then, finish it off with a shelf that you can use to hold the products that your salon offers to help your customers maintain their beautiful look.

For more information about salon furniture, contact a salon furniture supplier in your area.