How The Plasma Fibroblast Lift Engages Your Body's Natural Healing Ability To Boost Elasticity And Eliminate Wrinkles

21 December 2019
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Many people have sought to reverse the aging process and eliminate wrinkles, and the booming cosmetic industry is evidence of it. Instead of creams and lotions, however, what if you could rely on the body's natural healing process in order to restore skin's youthful appearance? That's the science behind one of the newest developments in aesthetic medicine, the plasma fibroblast lift.

By stimulating the body's ability to regenerate itself, it restores skin elasticity and eliminates wrinkles. If you'd like to understand how it works, read on to find out why people get wrinkles and how the plasma fibroblast lift treatment reverses it.

Why Do People Start Getting Wrinkles?

The main culprit leading to wrinkles forming in your skin is the breakdown of elastin and collagen. They're both connective tissues that are found in your dermis, which is the middle layer of your skin. Elastin and collagen fibers weave together throughout the dermis, and they have the ability to stretch. They're responsible for the elasticity of youthful skin.

Ultraviolet light causes elastin and collagen to slowly break down, decreasing their elasticity. However, the degraded elastin and collagen are constantly being broken down and replaced by dermal fibroblasts, who are also contained in the dermis layer. The problem arises due to aging — as people age, dermal fibroblasts become less active.

How Does a Plasma Fibroblast Lift Eliminate Wrinkles in Your Skin?

A plasma fibroblast lift, however, can temporarily reverse this process. The secret lies in the way that the process works. Plasma fibroblast lift treatment is administered using a pen that contains plasma. The tip of the pen is held against the skin, and a superheated bolt of plasma arcs into a tiny pin-sized area of it. The plasma burns the outer layer of skin, and it's hot enough to slightly damage the dermis where the dermal fibroblasts reside.

While aging may naturally slow the process of skin regeneration, it kicks into action once the dermis is damaged. The body's natural healing process begins, and the dermal fibroblasts begin to create new collagen and elastin to replace what was damaged. Since the skin cells on the outer layer were fully destroyed by the arcing plasma, the body needs to completely regenerate them as well.

Is a Plasma Fibroblast Lift Permanent?

Results from the plasma fibroblast lift treatment last for around three years. While you can temporarily regenerate skin to restore its youthful condition, it's still susceptible to ultraviolet light and other stresses that can cause the elastin and collagen to degrade. Due to aging, the dermal fibroblasts still don't readily replace them. Fortunately, a plasma fibroblast lift can be re-applied to the area once the results fade to eliminate wrinkles and restore elasticity again.