3 Care Tips For Medical Human Hair Wigs

24 October 2019
 Categories: Beauty & Fashion, Blog


Whether you have a condition that causes hair loss such as alopecia or you are currently undergoing treatment for cancer and know you will be losing your hair soon, you may be considering a medical human hair wig to help you to look and feel your best. However, caring for wigs can be tricky, which is why knowing a few crucial tips can help. Learn more about three ways to protect your medical human hair wig. 

1. Wash Carefully

Unlike natural hair, which is secured relatively firmly in your scalp skin with microscopic anatomical features, human hair wigs contain hair follicles that are literally glued or sewn into a special cap. As such, wigs are more susceptible to damage, especially if they are treated roughly. 

While it is important to wash your human hair wig before you wear it, it is also important to exercise great caution. Do not scrub the hair aggressively, and work in a smooth, downward motion away from the scalp. Never submerge your wig in water, as doing so could damage the cap or make it difficult to dry the wig properly. 

2. Allow to Dry on a Wig Stand

After you have finished washing your human hair wig, allow the hair piece to dry on a wig stand shaped like a head. This simple action can make it easier to keep the cap in the proper shape, which can improve comfort and appearance later. Additionally, try to use heat styling products such as blow dryers and flat irons sparingly since they can damage the individual strands of your wig. 

Instead, focus on allowing the wig to dry at its own pace, and consider gently patting the hair dry with a soft towel. If you brush or comb the hair, hold it tightly above the area where you will be working, and focus on detangling the hair gently. 

3. Select a Conservative Hairstyle

While it can be enjoyable to experiment with different hairstyles, it is important to choose a relatively conservative hairstyle to protect your wig. Since the more you style your hair the more frequently you could be tempted to wash and dry the wig, doing what you can to keep styling to a minimum can extend the lifespan of your medical device. Consider a classic, yet timeless hairstyle, such as a sleek bob or simple curled locks to complete your look. 

While it can be intimidating to care for a human hair wig, working hard on your new wig could help you to keep it in excellent condition and create a realistic, beautiful look. If you have questions about choosing medical human hair wigs online, turn to a medical equipment manufacturer or wig professional.